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Plant Mirror Reflection


What is the cost?

Fees per 50-min session are:

Initial - $260

Subsequent - $230

Putting together an initial formulation after the first session can take up to an hour outside of therapy, which is why the first session fee is slightly higher than the rest. A good formulation often informs better therapy progress.

What is a formulation?

A formulation in psychology is a summery of the key issues, why they may be happening, and how to make sense of them. Formulations are grounded in research literature and theories of psychological interventions. It is continuously modified over the course of therapy based on your feedback. Formulation guides the focus, direction and planning of treatment.

Is Telehealth effective?

Yes. Several peer-reviewed studies demonstrated that video consultation or Telehealth is as effective as in-person treatment.

How much is rebate?

Medicare rebate has increased to  $131.65 per 50-min session with a clinical psychologist as of 1 Jul 22. 


A Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) referral from you GP helps you access 10-20 subsidised Medicare rebate, but you can still access our service without a plan.

For private health insurance rebate, check with your provider for more info. 

What is your clientele?

The majority of our clients are adults, mostly working professionals, and adolescents. We see children on a case-by-case basis .


As a therapy service, we do not provide any report or input for medical/legal purposes. We also do not provide couple or family therapy.

How long / frequent ?

Weekly therapy best meets the needs of most people and most clients come weekly.  However, many may choose to come fortnightly.

The suggested length of treatment varies widely depending on the severity of the presenting concern, how deep rooted is it and whether it is limited in scope.  As a result, therapy duration ranges from a few months to a year or more. 

Appointment policy

No shows will incur a charge of 80% of the usual consultation fee. 

Cancellation with 48 hours from the appointment time will incur a late cancellation fee of 50% the usual consultation fee.


For Monday appointments, please cancel or reschedule on a Friday to avoid a late cancellation fee.


If your appointment is scheduled for the first working day after the public holiday, please cancel or reschedule on the last working day before the public holiday. 

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