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How to Refer to AMH Psychology

Meet Medicare requirements

To give your patients access to Medicare rebates for sessions, you'll need to:

1. Formulate a Mental health Treatment Plan

2. Bill your patient under the relevant Medicare item the first time you make the referral:

  • if you've undertaken mental health skills training: 2715 (or 2717 depending on consult length)

  • if you haven't taken mental health skills training: 2700 (or 2701 depending on consult length)


3. Send a valid referral letter that includes:

  • Diagnosis or symptoms

  • Request for services under Better Access

  • Number of sessions (e.g., 6 in initial course)

Send your referral or questions to:

Dr Hana Guo

Clinical Psychologist

Anxiety Management Hub - AMH Psychology


Call:      0401 649 365

Medical Information


Specialised in Anxiety/Stress

The Anxiety Management Hub/AMH Psychology is dedicated to offer a specialised service to health and non-health professionals who are affected by OCD, anxiety, trauma and stress related issues. 

Qualified and Experienced

Treatment is delivered by a fully qualified clinical psychologist with special interest and extensive experience in treating anxiety and stress presentations.

Backed up by Evidence

We'll follow evidence-based treatment guidelines, namely CBT, Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) and affect-based and attachment-based Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Therapy (ISTDP). Delivery is tailored using a process-based approach.

Regular Communication

You will receive an acknowledgement letter after the first attendance, then where a re-referral is needed, after any significant changes, and at the end of treatment. Additional phone call liaisons are encouraged and free consultations are available.

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